The Los Angeles-based client – an online retailer of audio equipment ( PA systems, speakers, instruments ) – was having issues with its online presence, from technical website problems to products showing low in search results.


The client began a search for a reputable digital marketing agency to perform an in-depth SEO audit of its website to uncover all potential issues.  The client would then perform the work to resolve all issues in house.  

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LSEO proposed an in-depth audit, which includes a full audit of current technical, content, and link/authority related metrics. Along with the audit arrives competitive analysis that includes keyword research and prioritization, and a list of recommended next steps, which will be customized and prioritized to improve your SEO performance.

The recommendations are geared to improve performance in search engines like Google and Bing – specific to “organic” (non-paid) traffic referrals to the website(s) by qualified visitors –  as well as related to “Local Listings” including Google + and various map and directory results.


LSEO provided the Audit Equipment Retailer with an extensive, 25-page audit outlining and prioritizing all items that need addressing. LSEO also provided a spreadsheet with 300+ target keywords, each keyword arriving with monthly search volume, bid ask and competitiveness. A bulk of the items in the report also involve long-term work in regards to a content strategy and link building.

” gave me a savvy report on my website, bringing a few items to my attention regarding its design. I’m working on fixing those items and greatly appreciate the key insights.

Owner. Audio Equipment Retailer