Having an app is much like having a website – simply having one isn’t enough. You need to have visitors and users if you want to have a legitimate business.

That’s why if you have a website you need to execute a range of digital marketing strategies, including SEO, Paid Search on Google AdWords, and Audience-based ads on Facebook and Instagram. This will deliver the traffic you need to build your business.

Similarly, if you have an app you need to develop strategies to generate app downloads. Failing to generate app downloads will lead to the death of your app and the failure of your business concept. Fortunately there are strategies including App Store Optimization, paid ads on Facebook and Google, and other strategies to generate installs.

However, one of the most underutilized strategies is Apple Search Ads, which recently launched to allow app owners to bid on keywords to generate installs. For instance, if you have a Fart app (I do!) then you can bid on keywords like “fart sounds” and “Atomic fart” to drive installs. Notice that Apple allows you to bid on your competitors – this is incredibly powerful, especially if you have a similar app.

Apple Search Ads

The first step in creating an Apple Search Ads campaign is to create an account. If you are a new advertiser Apple is currently running a $100 promotion – that means the first $100 you spend will be FREE.

Once you create an account you need to associate one or more of your apps to the account.

After selecting your app and geography (you can market Internationally) you can create your first campaign. Apple Search Ads is a lot like Google AdWords so if you’ve bought pay per click ads you’ll be able to move through Apple Search Ads quickly.

Apple suggests keywords automatically based on your app. You can also type your own keywords and Apple has a tool similar to Google Keyword Suggestion Tool that allows you to come up with related keywords.

Of course you need to select an overall budget, daily budget, and desired cost per acquisition (CPA).

Once you complete your campaign you are LIVE.

If you’d like help with setting up Apple Search Ads use the form below and an expert from LSEO will be in touch within 15 minutes.