Affordable SEO Consulting

SEO can be a crucial tool in helping to assess problems that exist on your website and generating online traffic.  For both small and enterprise businesses, finding the right SEO consulting firm or SEO consultant can be tricky. A quick Google search will point you to hundreds of SEO firms that promise great search results and #1 Google rankings.

Unfortunately, finding the right SEO consultant depends a lot on doing the appropriate amount of research and finding what SEO consulting firm fits within your baseline.

Here are some quick tips on deciding which SEO consulting services are right for your SEO campaign management.

1. SEO Firms to Avoid

Unfortunately, good SEO is not cheap and many good freelance SEOs or SEO consulting services can come at a high price. This tip is mostly a disclaimer. First, avoid incredibly cheap SEO consultants that promise immediate short term results, produce cheap backlinks, and do strictly off-website changes. SEO consultants that promise #1 page rankings are usually a red flag and truly don’t understand the complex nature of SEO campaign management. These SEO consulting services are untrustworthy and can potentially damage your website or reputation.

2. Review Past Clients and Reviews

When performing a consultation with an SEO consultant, always ask them to provide you with case studies or even stories about past clients that relate to your field or they’ve had success with. SEO consultants should be able to provide you with stories and testimonials from big name clients that they’ve had success with in the past. This equates to experience and affordability. Also, a quick internet search on your intended SEO consulting firm will give you great information about the success which past clients have had with an SEO consulting firm and their affordability.

3. Conform to Your Bottom Line

SEO firms offer a variety of services and packages. For small businesses, seek SEO consultants that provide scaled services that conform to your objective. This will save you cost in the long run and provide a time-table for SEO consulting services to perform the necessary tasks that conform to your budgetary restraints. SEO campaign management can become a timely and costly endeavor and businesses should negotiate, beforehand, the necessary payment for SEO consulting services. For SEO campaign management, payments can be calculated by project based pricing or, for freelance SEO consultants, payments can be made on an hourly rate.

4. Perform Multiple Consultations

Sit down face-to-face with an SEO firm and seek a free consultation for their SEO services. After a few days of research the SEO consultant should reach out to you with a selected list of services and pricing. Small businesses can do this with a number of other SEO consulting services if time allows, but this should be kept secret. For more successful SEO firms, clients often compete for their service and attention rather than the other way around.

5. Find Experienced SEO Services

Experienced SEO consultants often have neat tricks and tools that allow them to streamline many of the tedious, technical SEO services they provide. For consumers or clients this could mean a quick turnaround in terms of page ranking performance, site visitors, or many of the SEO services that SEO consultants provide. SEO consultants that harbor a wide range of tools also provide more affordable rates as it cuts down labor costs.

6. Know What You Want

Now that you what an SEO service can offer in terms of a scaled and personalized service, decide what services you want SEO consultants to perform. Do you need link building, an improved social media marketing campaign, increased leads, etc.? By knowing what SEO goals you intend to reach you can better track the success you’ve had with an SEO consultant and also provide them with invaluable information about what services to perform and how to price it. There are three main types of SEO service, which include technical, off-page, and on-page SEO services. Know which SEO consulting service you desire and you will make the process more efficient for you and your SEO consultant.

7. Find Personalized Service

You own your website and as such you only want SEO firms to make changes that are tethered to your brand, content, and company mission. Affordable SEO consulting services provide customizable packages that allow small businesses to decide what services are to be rendered and give them more control over pricing. Every business is unique and you only want SEO campaign management that is totally inclusive to your brand, whether it is through social media marketing campaigns, increased e-commerce, or whatever conversion goals you seek.

8. Gather Detailed Reports

SEO consultants should be available to provide you with monthly and weekly reports based on keyword rankings, conversion goals, etc. This helps businesses to track their SEO campaign success and whether to continue with an SEO consulting firm or not. Reports help to ensure trust between a client and an SEO consulting firm.

9. Determine Local SEO Consulting Results

For small businesses, improving local search results can mean everything. SEO consulting services that produce title-tags, rich snippets, or meta-descriptions for websites can have great effects on your local SEO ranking. As previously mentioned, case studies can be an excellent way to evaluate your SEO consultant’s experience and this applies on the local level as well. Studying the success that SEO consulting firms have had on businesses, which are related to your field, can give you valuable insight on the company’s effectiveness.

10. Find SEO Consultants that Conform to Webmaster Guidelines

Google releases an average of 500 updates a year and SEO consulting firms that try to break the rules or perform “black hat” procedures can run your website at risk for losing search rankings and conversion goals. Make sure your SEO consulting firm isn’t producing spam links or bogus text as Google, Bing, and Yahoo will come down hard on content it thinks to be spam or even just trash.